Standard License for Motor Templates

Motor grants you an on-going, non-exclusive license to use the Code. The license grants permission to all Employees and Contractors of the Licensee to access and use the Code.

You can:

  • Use the Code to create unlimited End Products.

  • Modify the Code to create derivative Code. That Code is subject to this license.

  • Use the Code to code to create unlimited End Product for unlimited clients.

  • Use the Code to create End Products where the End Product is sold to End Users.

  • Use the Code to create End Products that are open source and freely available to End Users.

You cannot:

  • Re-distribute the Code or derivatives of the Code separately from an End Product.

  • Use the Code to create End Products that are designed to allow an End User to build their own End Products using the Code or derivatives of the Code.

  • Use the Components to create End Products that are the property of any individual or entity other than the Licensee or Clients of the Licensee.

Example usage

Examples of allowed usage include:

  • Creating an application for your company

  • Creating a application for a client that will be owned by that client.

  • Creating a commercial application where End Users have to pay to use the application.

  • Creating a free and open source web application where the primary purpose is not to re-distribute the components.

Examples of not allowed usage include:

  • Creating a Qlik mashup builder where End Users can create their own mashups using Code included with or derived from Motor.

  • Creating a theme, template, or project starter kit using the Code and making it available either for sale or for free.

  • Creating a repository of code from Motor (or derivatives of that Code) and publishing it publicly.

  • Creating any End Product that is not the sole property of either your company or a client of your company. For example your employees/contractors can't use your company Motor license to build their own websites or side projects.

License Definitions

Licensee is the individual who has purchased a License.

Code is all the source code made available to the Licensee after purchasing a Motor license.

End Product is any artefact produced that incorporates the Code or derivatives of the Code.

End User is a user of an End Product.

Client is an individual or entity receiving custom professional services directly from the Licensee, produced specifically for that individual or entity. Customers of software-as-a-service products are not considered clients for the purpose of this document.


Motor is not liable for costs, damages, or other losses arising from your use of the Code, including third-party claims against you. Motor may not be held liable for any consequential damages related to your use of the Code.


Unsure if your use case is covered by our licenses? Email us at [email protected] and we'll help you out.