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Documentation for Motor. The Headless Framework for Qlik Sense Mashups.

Welcome to Motor's documentation! We're here to answer your questions. Can't find what you're looking for? Send our support team a note at!

Motor is a developer toolset for the rapid creation of Qlik Sense mashups in React. We provide a headless framework which drastically simplifies all interactions with the Qlik engine, as well as a CLI tool which generates mashup templates filled with ready-to-use components.

This site provides documentation for all of our packages, as well as tutorials and examples of how to get started.

This site covers the 3 offerings of Motor, these are:

Mashups templates generated via our CLI tool

All of our software is built for use in React. We currently do not support other UI frameworks


@motor-js/engine is free for non-commercial use. You need a license to use this package for commercial purposes. Please see our pricing page for more details.

This is a headless React library of hooks, contexts and components for building Qlik Sense mashups in React. It is leveraged by all Motor mashups. Use this if you want to build mashups from the ground up!

Quick Features:

  • Lightweight npm package for the rapid creation of Qlik Sense mashups

  • Simple, opinionated API for interacting with the Qlik engine

  • Headless (100% customisable, Bring-your-own-UI)

  • React Hooks for advanced mashup use cases



A wrapper around nebula.js for easy integration into Motor mashups. This enables the creation and embedding of Qlik Sense charts into your mashups.

The package contains a few components which you can use both visualisations and the selection bar from Qlik Sense.


Looking for documentation for @motor-js/core? It can be found on GitHub, here. Note, we are no longer supporting this library.

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