Getting Started

Getting started with @motor-js/nebula

Install via npm

The fastest way to get started is to install via npm.

npm i @motor-js/nebula @motor-js/engine


Start by wrapping your application with the Motor (from our engine package) and NebulaConnection components, at the root of your project. This handles connection to the Qlik engine and is needed for the components in your application to work.

You need to use the Motor component from @motor-js/engine in order for the nebula package to work. The Motor component establishes the connection to your Qlik app.

// 1. Import the Motor component
import { Motor } from @motor-js/engine
import { NebulaConnection } from @motor-js/nebula 

function App() {

	return (
		// 2. Use at the root of your project
		    host: "",
		    secure: true,
		    port: 433,
		    prefix: "",
		    appId: 'myAwesomeApp',
				<App />

Next, import the NebulaContainer component and you are good to go

import { NebulaContainer } from "@motor-js/nebula"

const Component = () => {
	return (
				id: 'objectIdFromQlikApp'
			  width: '80%',
 	      height: 400,
        paddingTop: 50,


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