Getting Started

Before you Begin

  • The CLI tool connects automatically to Qlik Sense SASS, if you are creating for QS Enterprise, see here for the changes that you need to make, once your template is generated.
  • You will need to also generate a Web Integration ID for connection to Qlik SASS. You can read about this here


You’ll need to have Node >= 10.16 and npm >= 5.6 on your machine.


$ npm i -g @motor-js/cli


To create your mashup run
$ motor create
This will give you several prompts in order to customise your mashup and connect it to your Qlik Sense instance.
$ motor create
What name do you want to give your app (should be in kebab case format: `your-app-name`)? my-mashup
Please select your React framework
> create-react-app
Please select your Motor template
> Solar
Please select your Qlik deployment type
> Qlik Sense SASS
Please enter your tenant name (e.g. .....
Please enter your application id: .....
Please enter your web integration id: ....
$ cd my-mashup
$ yarn install
$ yarn start
This will create your selected mashup template 🎉. See the next section to learn about your created code.
Finding errors in your created code? Check out the below which could help!