The hook for applying actions against the Qlik engine, commonly attached to a button

Basic Example

The below example returns a function to clear selections in your Qlik application

const Button = () => {
  const { clearSelections } = useButton();

  return (
    <button onClick={clearSelections}
      Clear Selections

export default Button;

Button Options

No options can be passed into the hook

Button Properties

The following properties are returned from the hook

  • clearSelections: Function

    • Function to clear all selections

  • previousSelection: Function

    • Function to jump to the previous selection state

  • nextSelection: Function

    • Function to jump to the next selection state

  • select: Function(SearchText<string>, Field<string>)

    • Function to select values in a field

    • Pass a string to search for. Can contain wild cards or numeric search criteria

    • Second parameter is the field you are searching in

  • selectValues: Function(Selections<array>, Field<string>, Toggle<boolean>)

    • Selects some values in a field, by passing an array of values to select

    • The first parameter is an array of values to select, the second is the field

    • Third parameter is whether to toggle selections, defaults to false

    • Selects aan array of strings

Select Values Example

const Button = () => {
  const { selectValues } = useButton();

  const sel = ['France', 'Italy']
  const field = 'country'
  const select = () => (
  return (
    <button onClick={select}>
      Select Values

export default Button;

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